The Power Behind Music

Here are a couple facts that should you know about the effects of music:

  1. Signing together brings us together.
    • According to a study singing in a choir made 1000 Finnish students not only more satisfied in school but also make people like each other more than they did before. 
  2. Music effects heart disease. 
    • A review of over 23 studies found that music reduced heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety. 
  3. Babies are born to dance!
    • Babies as young as 5 months old respond to rhythmically to music and like it more than speech
  4. Happiness Effect
    • Engaging in music rather than allowing it to wash over us gives on the experience of extra emotional power
  5. 90% of us have felt chills down our spines while listening to music. 

The power of music is real and can not be put in words, what better way to show this than in photos from the home of music, festivals. 

This is the final part of my series of festival photos. There will be many more new festival photos in the near future. 

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The city that lies within a festival

Festivals are built upon many different aspects if its from the headline DJ's to the party goers. Another major aspect are the festival grounds themselves. Each festival has a unique theme is able to create an entire city. These festivals have everything you would imagine in a small town . A place to sleep to getting medical attention to even shops and carnival rides. 

If you have ever been to a festival you know the magnitude of these festival grounds, if not I highly recommend you attend one just to see. The amount of thought and production gone into creating these home away from home is remarkable. 

In my photos you can see the many different types of festival grounds I have attended to get a small glimpse of what they are built on. 

This is part three of four in my series of festival photos, stay tuned for more.

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Who are the real STARS of EDM festivals?

Festivals have a growing popularity over the years. Many believe the big DJs are the real stars of the festival but I believe its the ravers, the crowd, each individual. 

People gather together and join together as one no matter what their social status is or where they come from.  These individuals celebrate who they are by dressing up, dancing, and having the time of their lives. 

In my gallery I capture photos of many people and no two are ever the same, making people of festivals truly different. 

This is part two of four in my series of festival photos, stay tuned for more.

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What is EDM?

EDM for those of you who do not know stands for Electronic Dance Music.  EDM started around the 1970's and over the past years has become one of the most popular forms of music. What makes EDM known is its worldwide dance festivals, they have expanded tremendously over the past decade. These Festivals are what make EDM so unique. 

Over the past 10 years I have been fortunate enough to experience this uniqueness. Not only experience but capture some of its greatest moments. In my festivals galleries you can get a small sense of what makes these events indescribable. I truly believe everyone should go to at least one festival to understand its power. 

This is only one part of four in my series of festival photos, stay tuned for more.

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Lets talk about SELFIE'S

How many of you takes selfie's all day everyday?

A couple of years ago, a lot before these photos where even called Selfie, I would take these types of photos in parties for a lot of the headliners. It was so cool that I saved the best ones to do a compilation couple of years after.

Now, I can finally share it - its only 30% of the photos and soon ill upload more.

Enjoy, and have a good weekend,


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